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Schott Zwiesel Gin Tonic #80 Glass - S/2

Schott Zwiesel


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Released at the start of 2015, Schott Zwiesel's take on a Gin and Tonic glass is somewhat different to the standard, old fashioned long drink version. This glass is based around a big bowled balloon shape style, often referred to as copa, is served in Spain and it's the best way to drink a Gin and Tonic. Whether your favourite tipple is Gordon's or Beefeater, this set of two Gin and Tonic glasses have large capacity bowls that allow plenty of room for ice and zesty pieces of lime.

Gin and Tonic is not only a traditional drink, it's now the 'in thing'! Gin has really taken off here in the UK over the past couple of years, the likes of Gordon's and Beefeater being some of the most popular choices, check out the ingredients to make a refreshing Gin and Tonic:

1 to 3 parts Gin

3 parts Tonic Water

Handful of Ice Cubes

Slice / Wedge of Lime

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